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Lauren Angélil

Physiotherapist & Health Coach

BCOM (Ecos & Stats), BSc Physio (University of Cape Town), ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach

Hi, I’m Lauren! I am a functional Health Coach, physiotherapist, lover of research, runner and healthy food enthusiast

My Story

There were two pivotal “ah-ha” moments in my life that made me realise there was a missing piece of the healthcare puzzle. I wanted to solve the problems I saw around me.
Here they are:
1. Realising that, at any one given month, during my time as a clinical physiotherapist, I was rehabilitating more than 10 type II diabetic amputees. Seeing my patients experiencing (preventable) disability, lethargy and a way of eating that perpetuated their insulin resistance, and left them feeling hungry, demotivated and unable to lose weight, was heart breaking. Here I was, helping as much as I could at this stage of the disease. Except, I wanted to be there when they first received their diagnosis and prevent the cascade of complications that were coming their way. 
2. A loved one was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory disorder. I was told this is a condition that we had to “manage” and would be with him lifelong. I saw him experience pain, stress, anxiety, confusion and fear. I quickly noticed the benefits of making simple lifestyle changes: his energy improved, he was able to exercise without pain, his insomnia disappeared and, finally, felt refreshed each morning. Fast forward 4 years, he is now in remission, off his chronic meds and completing trail marathons. 

My passion to help individuals lead lives full of health and vitality led me to train as a functional health coach. As an expert in making behaviour change happen, I now help professionals to lose weight, manage their blood sugar before irreversible complications occur, wake up with zest, maintain high levels of energy throughout the day, sleep well and build strong foundations for optimal mental and physical health




Powerful and confidential 1 on 1 health coaching sessions 
  • Weekly or fortnightly sessions via Zoom
  • 3 month minimum commitment 
  • Unlimited email and text support
Usually, I’d invite you to schedule a time to connect and explore if we are a fit. However, I am not accepting new clients right now. 

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